Confessions Of A Taxi Driver

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I love the end of the week because, well, it’s the end of the week. I also hate the end of the week because from Thursday morning through to Saturday afternoon I hardly leave my car. I already have the pot-belly so all I would need is a wooden bead car seat, a bad attitude and the ability to take the longest route and I could stick a light on the car and charge.

End of week madness blog (3)

Thursday morning Molly needs to be at school by 8.00 am for the Creative Generations choir.

End of week madness blog (1)

After school on Thursday it is off to netball for training. I head home to organise tea…

End of week madness blog (2)

…which she eats in the car on the way to scouts. Netball finishes at 6.00pm and scouts starts at 6.30pm and in that half an hour she needs to have a shower and anyone who has a twelve year old girl would know their showers are long enough to have entered a new phase in the earth’s evolutionary history.

End of week madness blog (6)

Friday morning both Molly and Lulu are up early so they can be at school by 7.00am. I enjoy this day as I come home and enjoy my breakfast in peace and quite.

End of week madness blog (8)

If there is a scout camp on the weekend then Friday night is spent packing for it.

End of week madness blog (4)

If no scout camp then Saturday morning we go to Aikido.

End of week madness blog (5)

After Aikido she has half an hour before sign on for netball. I head home for a quick coffee before heading back to barrack for my hero during her game.

Back home on Saturday afternoon I feel a little like a rebel without a cause and then this…

“MUM, Genna wants me to go and play. Can you drop me off?”

Do you feel like an unpaid, under-appreciated, taxi driver?


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