Computers Rule

You know how the story goes, Dr Evil designs a computer that will eventually enslave and destroy mankind.

I’m fairly certain that the laptop we recently purchased is being controlled by forces unseen, maybe even Dr Evil himself.

Once it was up and running the task was to network it with our desktop PC so we could work from one set of files rather than double up.

“I’ll do it.” I announced with daring. How hard can it be?

Many, many, many hours, days and weeks of computer time passed with still no result.

After each stint of ‘giving it a go’ I emerged from the office looking like a demented scientist, talking gibberish and drooling.  Not that anyone noticed which is alarming in itself.  Note to self: comb hair EVERY day, keep mouth closed.

One night we were sitting chatting about our week in general when Pete picked up the laptop and fiddled with it for the grand total of two minutes and networked the computers from the comfort of the couch.

Did I throw myself on the floor kicking and screaming while wailing a lament for all the time I had wasted?  Of course not, I was very composed, I mean after all a task we really needed done was finally complete. The fact that the amount of time I had spent on this one thing could have been put to better use doing something else useful such as, oh I don’t know, CUTTING THE LAWN WITH A PAIR OF NAIL SCISSORS didn’t even enter my head.

A few days later the time came to transfer some files across to the desktop PC.  I opened up the network to find it was gone.  Just like that it had disappeared for no good reason that I could see.  After another hour or so of randomly trying settings I turned all the network settings to off, and turned them straight back on again and low and behold, success.

WHAT IS WITH THAT? I’m just going to say two words…..DR EVIL. (This hyperlink is for those of you that remember as far back as The Twilight Zone.)


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