Cocktails At Sunset

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The drinks in this photo are a representation of our snorkelling trip. I will explain.

Cocktails at sunset (2)

My sister and her partner Ally were staying with us over the school holidays. For something special to do we booked a trip snorkelling around Lady Musgrave Island. We would drive up to Agnes Waters stay two nights and drive back.

Six people, bags, and some food and wine all into the four wheel drive was always going to be a squeeze but we managed it and took comfort in the fact that minus the food and the wine we would have room to maybe stretch out our big toes on the return trip.

First stop was Eumundi for a much needed coffee. Next, was Childers for lunch which consisted of some much anticipated, leftover-turkey sandwiches. Next Gin Gin for another coffee. We stopped at a place that looked promising and was advertising organic coffee. Our coffees ordered we perused the food menu.

Cocktails at sunset (4)

Beacon burgers and steak, beacon and cheese pie were on offer. Beacon? Some sort of special bacon cured on the premises perhaps. These pies might be worth a try. I had to ask “Excuse me, what is beacon.” Apparently not a beautiful home cured bacon but the work of a very poor speller and no obvious attempt to correct it. By the way, doesn’t ricotta have two ts in it?

This left me with a sinking feeling about our coffees. I had asked for strong long black and Pete wanted a Piccolo which I explained was a large shot of coffee with a small amount of heated milk. I was precise in my explanations taking care to point to the levels on the cup. Our coffees arrived and as feared mine was full to the top of a very watery looking coffee and Petes was full to the brim of a very weak looking latte. Bad luck for us, good luck for the plants outside the shop. The moral of this story? Never trust a bad speller with making your coffees.

Back in the car outside the shop we received a call from the outfit due to take us snorkelling the next day. The weather was not good so the trip was called off. This day was not getting any better. We retired to the park across the road to research other activities we could pursue and came up blank. There was nothing for it but to continue on, stay the night and perhaps return home the next day. There was disappointment but generally an acceptance that we couldn’t do much about it. The moral of this story is to call the charter company before leaving to make sure the trip is still on.

This leads me to the drinks in the photo. If we weren’t going snorkelling we were damn well going to enjoy ourselves so having settled ourselves into a beachside bar to watch the sunset we ordered cocktails, Mojitos for Ally and me and a pineapple and peach schnapps concoction for Leslie.

Cocktails at sunset (1)

This was going to be a moment to remember a beautiful sunset and cocktails. Not to be, the cocktails were terrible, bitter with far too much lime and mint. The moral of this story is, stick to wine.

We drove home the next day all feeling like we had may be missed out on something but not one of us was negative about it, even the kids made the best of the situation. We enjoyed each other’s company and later that night enjoyed gourmet pizzas. The moral of this story: don’t stress when things don’t go quite to plan, live in the moment and enjoy it for what it is. Oh and good pizza is a great way to end a bad weekend.



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