Christmas Tradition Bah Humbug

One of the traditions we uphold at this time of year is to go and view the Christmas lights.

I am never overly keen.  I find driving from one place to another jumping in and out of the car to view a jumble of lights before heading off to view another set that look blindingly similar, tedious in the extreme. Bah humbug!

When you have two young children it is something you brave so that they may experience all that is Christmas.

This year I insisted that we only view a few and only the few that were within a reasonable distance not in the next state as would be if I left the choice to Pete.

In reality it turned out to be an entertaining time. The time in the car between houses was the best fun.  We laughed, told jokes and generally enjoyed each other’s company.

Christmas Lights (3)

Christmas Lights (8)

Christmas Lights (1)

Christmas Lights (9)


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