Chaos and Madness Part II

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So there I was all tied up in knots waiting.

The surgeon sent us off to x-ray where the wait was interminable.  We returned in time, x-rays in hand.  He took them and after a few minutes called me in to look.  I didn’t need his expert opinion to tell me that all was not right. One recalcitrant bone was not in alignment, or in the surgeons words, “Not where I left it.”

Confirmation was needed in the form of a CT scan so off we went back to X-ray. Lulu, was so patient, an unusual trait for her. She stoically allowed them to manipulate her arm in all directions to take the pictures.

The images confirmed or worst thoughts.  Lulu would need further surgery.  Not only that she would need a metal frame to hold it all together. She was distraught, she didn’t want to go through that again and the thought of the metal frame was more than she could bear. Hell it was more than I could bear.

It was to be scheduled that night. I rang Pete who said he would make the necessary calls to cancel our trip.

The surgery this time took one and a half hours. The surgeon was happy that there would be no more movement of the bones and more than that he had managed to get away without attaching a metal frame.

As Lulu was waking up I told her about the absence of the metal frame and the look on her face was so worth 20 trips to NZ.

Skip forward a few days and once more we are at the hospital to check all is O.K. and have a permanent cast put on. This time Leslie my sister was there to lend her support. The grey aura that had dogged me the last time wasn’t there. I felt cautiously confident that all would be O.K.

Lulu had been doing so well we had already rescheduled our flights to New Zealand and would be just in time to make the party.

The x-rays were ordered and we waited with baited breath to see the results.  Victory!  Everything was where it should be and Lulu could go home with her beautiful purple cast and not return for five weeks.

So here I am on the plane to NZ.  Lulu is at home with Molly enjoying her time with her two aunties.  I know they will spoil them rotten but that is completely fine. Spoiled rotten is just what the Doctor ordered.

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  1. Holy Moly! Jane, totally know what this is like and how it affects everyone! I know when Lilly broke her arm 2 years ago now (can you believe it!) it was an emotional rollercoaster ride. That said, she was looked after fabulously by the staff at the RCH and we are just so lucky that she has what is considered an “exemplary” heal. Now, I hope you have a wonderful Birthday and what a way to spend it !!
    p.s. be prepared for tears when the cast comes off – Lilly was totally freaked out by her skinny, hairy, stinky little arm and held it weirdly for about a week afterwards.

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