Champagne, Caviar and Javier Bardem

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I have been unable to find any spare time this week to write a blog. BOOOOOORRRRIIING!

Actually I slammed into the back of a car this week, which happened to be driven by Javier Bardem who in the process of swapping details decided I was the woman he’d been waiting for all his life. Where upon he whisked me off in his hot car, with the ding in the back, to a waiting private jet and plied me with champagne and caviar on our long flight to a Caribbean island where he owns a luxury, fully staffed villa on the water.

Here is the reality of my week.


The draft created by the closing door in Pete’s life opened quite a few new doors and it was through one of these that he once again became gainfully employed. He was pleased because we can continue to eat and clothe ourselves, I was pleased because I can eat chocolate, drink wine and catch on my soaps. It’s been exhausting getting on with the chores all day for the sake of appearances.

Mess Blog (2)

Mess Blog (1)


Our house was in chaos while we had our bedroom and hallway painted.

Lulu Reds blog

An appointment at the hospital to review Lulu’s arm revealed that the break is not healing well.  She is booked for another surgery in two weeks. Lulu struggles with seeing a positive future for herself at the moment so we try to help by finding distractions. Here she is seen modelling the gear in the Queensland Red’s promotional pack. Go the Reds (as long as they don’t beat the Crusaders).

20th_Anniversary_Lunch_13 (3)


It was the anniversary of Pete and I getting together this week. We’re not sure if its our 19th or 20th so just in case it’s our 2oth we made the most of Pete being at home and went to our favourite restaurant E’ccos for lunch. If it’s only our 19th then it’s a win win because we’ll have to do it all again next year. Either way I deserve a medal and should be celebrated. What I mean to say is we should celebrate our time together however many years it is.

20th_Anniversary_Lunch_13 (1)


We were both diving into this deconstructed cheesecake before it occurred to me to take a photo.  Pete wasn’t waiting, not when he had the chance to get a few mouthfuls ahead of me.

Chair Blog


Saturday saw me furniture hunting for the new bedroom.  I didn’t buy this chair, or the chair behind it.  In fact I came home with nothing and decided to stick with the chair I already had. I’ll think I’ll buy a new chair for the lounge instead.

So it was a busy, bittersweet week with a lot going on which seems to be fast becoming the norm in our house.

How busy is your life? Do you sometimes just want to laze around with wine and chocolate watching T.V?

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