Build A Bear

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Last weekend Lulu was invited to a ‘Build A Bear‘ party, where she made this bear. Each guest choose a bear to stuff and decorate and once finished they were given a special carry box to take the bear home.

What a great idea for a party, especially for someone like Lulu who loves all that girly stuff. It beats the pants off McDonalds or Hungry Jacks as a children’s party venue. Prices start at $15 per guest which seems reasonable. If you’re not keen on a do-it-yourself party at home I highly recommend this alternative for the younger set.

Later, we did troop down and braved McDonalds for half an hour so the kids could have a treat before we headed home with the newest family member ‘Snowy’ tucked away safely in his box.

Do you have a novel idea for a kids party venue?

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