Brush With Fame

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Friday was a peculiar day in our household starting with getting out of bed at a brutally inhuman time and culminating in a brush with fame that left Molly and Lulu gushing. Before I can expound further let me do something I do well and digress.

A few weeks back I won two tickets to go and see Spencer Howson broadcasting his last radio segment for the year. A rare and unusual event as I am not generally in the category of ‘victor’. To make the event even more exceptional later on the same morning we pushed our luck further and Molly also won two tickets.

Spencer was featuring some local musicians within his show and so was broadcasting from the abc theatre to an audience of around two hundred people. Kate-Mille Heidke was the real attraction for the girls and me having listened to and enjoyed her songs over the last few years.

So I say peculiar because firstly, we actually won the tickets and secondly, the broadcast started five o’clock in the morning. That is 5.00 o’clock on the last day of what has been the biggest week of Molly’s school life.

Both Molly and Lulu were in much better form than I expected them to be although the cracks were definitely showing.

612 christmas concert blog 3

Those smiles are pasted on!

We thoroughly enjoyed the line-up of local acts that Spencer had managed to get to perform at that ungodly hour.

612 christmas concert blog 2

On leaving we spied Kate-Miller Heidke outside and asked if she would mind if the girls could pose for a photo with her which she graciously agreed to.

612 christmas blog 4

Kate-Miller Heidke with two star struck girls

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