Birthdays, Renovations and Bowel Movements

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My last post was nearly three weeks ago. I have been delaying this post because the longer I left it the harder it became take the plunge into writing it. So much has been happening I couldn’t decide what to write about first. So I give you a condensed version of it all. Buckle up!

Pete’s mother visited for a short time. Pete took some time to take her to Sydney to see the sights.


Both Molly and Lulu had significant birthdays; Molly had her thirteenth (that in itself is enough for me to take to my bed muttering things about grey hairs, wrinkles and flappy arms) while Lulu had her tenth.

Molly celebrated by having ten friends for a sleep over. People did double takes as they dropped their daughters off when they realised that we were normal (I heard that collective snort)and not totally weird eccentrics who let their daughters have raves on the weekend with all the teens that read our Facebook invites. Who else would in their right mind would have eleven twelve to thirteen year old girls stay for NINETEEN, I repeat NINETEEN hours? It was a great success; the aim was to help Molly create a time she could look back on as her friends head off to different high schools and if it didn’t manage that we at least made some sort of pancake-making record, we counted at least forty.

Renovation, Birthdays and bowel movements_20140118_00028

Renovation, Birthdays and bowel movements_20140118_00028-2

The following weekend Lulu’s celebration was a little more subdued with eight friends for lunch and a swim. It was all over in three hours which seems almost ungenerous after Molly’s party. Not to worry her thirteenth is fast approaching.

Renovation, Birthdays and bowel movements_20140125_00028

Renovation, Birthdays and bowel movements_20140125_00028-2

The Monday after the two parties, workmen descended on the house to begin renovating the two bathrooms. I probably don’t need to tell you that the first step in any renovation is demolition and bathroom demolitions are particularly messy and dusty. I found myself having to vacuum dust and mop after the builders had left each day. By the end of three weeks of showering without shower screens and having toiletries stashed from one end of the house to the other the novelty of fresh new bathrooms had worn off. They just need to be painted and decorated with accessories now. The painting should be finished soon but the accessorising is my job so that may take a little longer.

After a week of bathroom mania it was time for Molly and Lulu to go back to school. This was big as Molly started her first year in high school. We had been preparing for this moment all of the previous year. My god she made me proud, getting up and leaving for school a whole hour and a half before her usual primary school time. She was so grown up and showed a maturity way beyond what I expected. I was the one falling apart as is apparent in this photo of us where I was absolutely unable to crack a smile.




To top off an exceedingly difficult and tiring month I was booked to have a colonoscopy. Now I am not going to go into the intricacies of bowel movements in this post suffice to say there were rather a lot of them which left this tired-mother-of-a-thirteen-year-old feeling a little crappy for three days.

So there you go. I have broken the proverbial ice and I am looking forward to another year of blogs chronicling our daily ups and downs as a family, sprinkled with the odd tutorial, recipe or perhaps style wish list.

I belatedly wish you all the best for 2014.


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