Birthday Blues

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I apologise in advance for the somewhat serious nature of this blog, but it has to be said.

I celebrated my 49th birthday last Friday.  There is nothing like marking the passing of another year to make you stop, reflect and take stock. I was 28 when my mum was 49 and about to give up on my marriage. Mum and Dad were at home on their own and were at the stage where they had the time and finances to do the things they wanted. It was only a year later that Mum was diagnosed with cancer and so began her four year battle to live.  Sadly, she lost that battle.

There are a lot of things in life we cannot have control over. Thankfully though, we do have control over the direction our lives head and how we react to obstacles along the way. We can also have a great deal of control over our health, equipping our minds and bodies to better handle the passing of time and deal with health issues that may arise.

In the last five years I have made incremental changes in what I eat and how I exercise. A few years ago I was diagnosed with a condition which causes pain and which cannot be ‘cured’ so having some degree of fitness, keeping positive and sticking to a healthy diet is critical. I know scrambling for time to yourself can be quite a challenge especially when you have young children to look after but I get up early and do what I can in the time I have. I am definitely benefiting from the changes I have made so far which spurs me on to make more. I think, what you have to keep in mind is you can’t do it all at once. That would make too difficult and what you don’t want is to give up out of disillusionment.  As they say “take baby steps”.

Peter and I have come to realise that life shouldn’t be difficult and hard, it is about squeezing every ounce of fun and enjoyment out of it you can get. That can be hard to do when you have routines, work, homework, housework, meals to prepare etc. We do everything we can to help make things more convenient or easier. We are always reorganizing, decluttering, updating and renewing. Things such as housework, lawns, home maintenance, these are tasks which detract from your time doing more enjoyable things, if you can afford it why not pay someone else to do them.

When I think on things and reflect, I see I have a good life, I think the older I get the better my life gets. I still have a way to go in achieving all that I want but I have a pretty clear plan, which is what keeps me heading in the right direction. I try not to panic if I stall on my way forward.

For my birthday Pete has suggested I buy a decent camera (I have been persisting with a wee ‘point and click’). Taking decent photos as record of our lives has long been something I am keen to do so now I have something else to look forward to and to work into my life.

Stay tuned for some decent pics!




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