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Genna and Lulu have been firm friends since prep.  They have the sort of friendship that is so rarely found.

They are accepting of each other’s need to have other friends, there is no fear of reprisal should either of them wish to play with someone else.

They are considerate of each other’s feelings. There is no hierarchy within the friendship, if one does not want to play the game the other has chosen then they play different games side by side.

They don’t sit in judgment of the other.  I have not once seen either of them make a belittling comment about the other either to their face or behind their back.

They each respect the others family values. When Genna is playing at our house she is polite and respectful and integrates herself into our family life without reservation.  I feel sure that the same can be said for Lulu when she is invited into Genna’s home.

There is a beautiful lack of self-consciousness when conveying emotions. Genna recently went away on holiday for a month. The night before she left she rang Lulu to say goodbye.  I could only hear one half of the conversation but what I heard were two friends telling each other how much they were going to miss each other. There was no hint of jealousy that Genna was going to Disneyland only a genuine wish that she should have a good time.

I take great delight in observing these two enjoying each other’s company and revelling in that wonderfully imaginative and creative world of an eight year old girl.

I am sure these two could teach us all a thing or two about communication within the adult world.


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