Belt Tightening, Not Necessarily A Bad Thing

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I’m wasting away. Well maybe that’s overstating it but I put on some jeans I purchased only a few months ago and although they are not quite hanging off me they are loose.  I need to put more holes in my belts to hold the jeans in until I can be bothered shop for more.

Buying jeans is my least favourite thing to do so it could be a while. Meantime I am walking around in ill-fitting trackies that have definitely seen better days. So bumping into Ryan Gosling or Johnny Depp looking for their next wife would be a would be a total fizzer right now.

I am not complaining though; of all the problems one could have this is one I am quite willing to endure.

Losing some weight was certainly one of the side effects that I was hoping for but I hadn’t bargained for the others that have presented themselves.

If I eat sugar in any greater quantity other than what my body is now used to I spend an awful lot of time studying floor tiles of the smallest room in the house. While on holiday recently Molly and I decided to have yum cha at a local Chinese restaurant. I am not sure if it was all the sugar in the sauces or the tiny bit of rice I had but an hour later I was not a very well girl. Next time I will make smarter choices.

As you get further along your journey you start to have an understanding of what works and what doesn’t for yourself

I am now finding that I am eating less. The meals I have are generous and filling and will generally get me through to the next. If I need a snack I tend to go for nuts or I have just discovered roasted broad beans which are delicious. If it’s a sweet fix I want I’ll go for strawberries which are perfect at the moment or my hidden stash of dark chocolate coated coffee beans.

One of the tendencies with this lifestyle is to load up on so called ‘healthy’ carbohydrates to fill the void.

Quinoa, buckwheat, tapioca flour, potato starch, millet, these are all technically not grains however they are all high in carbohydrates.  If you want to watch your weight you would need to keep these to a minimum. Having said that I do have all of the above and more in my diet and have still managed to lose weight and feel energetic and well so I am not too stressed about it.

I am however researching ways to slowly cut down further on carbohydrates and will pass on what I discover as I go.

So if I am losing weight and feeling well, why would I want to cut out more carbohydrates?  The answer is not simple but in essence it relates to carbohydrates increasing the presence of glucose and glycogen in the body causing an insulin spike.

Glucose is the body’s key source of energy. Excess glucose will be stored as fat.

Insulin is a hormone which moves glucose into cells around the body for storage.

Over a prolonged period of eating a high carbohydrate diet the body’s sensitivity to insulin can be reduced leading to ‘insulin resistance’.

As weight is gained higher levels of insulin in the body can further advance a cells resistance.

It then becomes a downward spiral as inflammation invades the body and chemicals are released which further interferes with the insulin process making matters worse.

Why go there? If I have the power to keep my insulin levels normal why wouldn’t I choose to do so?

As a side note, I have noticed a huge decrease in the inflammation in my body.

I have terrible knees, an ankle injury which has been plaguing me and pain from genetic condition known as spinal bifida occulta.

The pain from inflammation around these damaged joints is much improved.

I will explore this low carb eating further in a later post but for now HAPPY NSNG’s.

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