Beach Holiday

Beach holidays for our family mean total relaxation. The rules are, 1. Remove shoes, 2. Fix cold drink, 3. Fetch sunglasses, 4. Sit down, 5. Relax.

Planning starts weeks before we go away. Something about the sea air makes everyone eternally hungry so good food and plenty of it is important to us. If I’m cooking a meal that can be easily frozen I make a double batch. I bake muffins, brownies, bread, and muesli.  I stock up on snacks to keep the girls going between meals and of course there are the adult treats, wine and beer.

On the day we leave I start early; packing seems to take forever and includes frivolous things such as the coffee machine (well you know what they say; a morning without coffee is like sleep). Those people who said “You can’t take it with you.” Never saw our car packed for the holidays.

We like to get there early enough that we can start our holiday with lunch and a drink at the surf club overlooking the beach before we go to our unit. It’s our little holiday tradition. Sitting there overlooking the surf knowing that we have a week ahead of us makes that glass of wine taste as good as any French produced Bordeaux.

To some this may all seem a little ridiculous.  For us it makes for a smooth seamless holiday where we are not worrying about what and where the next meal will be, there are plenty of activities to occupy ourselves with and plenty of indulgences which make the time a little more memorable and special.

When it is all over and time to go you just want to hold on for one more minute, just to make leaving hurt a little bit more.


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