Bathroom Style

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Bathroom Style-1

If you are lucky enough to have had your bathroom renovated then you will know how disruptive it can be. Dust, mess, no water, workmen constantly coming and going and did I mention MESS!

After putting yourself through the disruption the least you can do is splurge on some accessories to add that special finish.

  1. Glass Fish Bowl $9.61
  2. Glass Candy Jar Classic Ball $50.92
  3. Glass Country Bottle $4.51 (This would look great holding fresh cut flowers such as daisies)
  4. Deluxe Box Square Black or White Frame $19.95
  5. Vue Spa Towel Range in Charcoal and White from $9.95
  6. Barber Soap Dispenser $24.95
  7. Candle Holder Set of Three $24.99
  8. Hand Blown Glass Bottle $49.95
  9. Hand Blown Glass Vase $43.95


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