Bathroom Renovations

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Bathroom renovations, the reward is great but the road is fraught with peril.

We decided that this year we would hunker down and spend some money on some much needed updating around the house. Maybe then, we would get to enjoy the improvements as a family.

Our bathrooms were most in need of some serious attention so it was towards them that we first cast our renovation-intent eyes. You can see here in Molly’s ‘selfie’ a little of what the main bathroom looked like…

Bathroom renovation(3)

and this is the en suite with the hideous ‘putrid lime’ walls that were once so prevalent throughout the house.

Bathroom Renovation (4)

Once you have chosen your contractor, assuming you are not doing it yourself, it’s down to picking tiles, vanities and tap ware etc. One would assume this was the fun part. It was way too important a decision for me to be revelling in the fun of it all. I was all too aware that we would be living with our choices for a very long time and the responsibility weighed heavy. I did, however, bring a selection of tiles home and laid them in the bathroom for a few days; this made the selection much easier. Our contractor was also very helpful in narrowing down our options of tap ware and vanities etc.

Choices having been made, the contractors moved in for the demolition, this is the worst part. The dust is fine and gets everywhere and although the contractors cleaned this fuss pot couldn’t live with the substandard attempt so went behind them each day to mop, dust and vacuum again.

Bathroom Renovation (1)

Then of course there is reliance on subcontractors to fulfil their requirements and often that doesn’t go quite to plan so we were washing over the kitchen sink for three weeks while we waited for shower screens and mirrors (we couldn’t put the vanity in until the shower screen was there to protect it).

Finally after more than three weeks both bathrooms are finished. We are very happy with the results. It is nice to be home without workmen trooping in and out and to be able to have a shower without lamenting over the mould or calcium and lime deposits that were near impossible to clean. My favourite thing is the recess in the shower for soaps and shampoos, no more rusty, over-shower caddies for this girl.

My top tips, made with the benefit of hindsight, for getting your bathrooms renovated.

Choose your contractor wisely; word of mouth is a valuable thing.

Protect what you can from the inevitable dust.

Take tiles, tap ware etc. home so you can see them in your bathroom during the day and night. Variations in lighting can make a big difference to how things look.

Try to be at home during the process so that any issues that may arise can be dealt with in a timely manner.

The biggest tip I can give you is to have a plug put into your vanity so you can hide away that ugly electric toothbrush and hair dryer. This was something we missed and are now kicking ourselves over.

Bathroom Renovation (2)

Behold the finished result. Before accessorising that is. More on that in the next post.


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