As Enjoyable As A Plate Of Brussel Sprouts

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Every day for the last year Lulu has spent twenty minutes during the day stretching her right arm towards her shoulder. Admittedly we sometimes have to hold a gun to her head bribe her with food or time on electronics but generally she will get on with it. Being able to touch your shoulder is something we all take for granted but when Lulu started it seemed an unattainable goal. Chores such as brushing her teeth and hair weren’t able to be completed without a considerable measure of ungainly awkwardness.

The other hurdle was getting the arm straight, especially for Lulu as the bones in her arm are no longer shaped normally. Activities such as handstands or throwing a ball were difficult.  At night, every night, Lulu straps on a splint which she wears to bed. This helps to stretch her arm out straight. It will never be completely normal but on the bright side she still has an arm and it works.

I am writing this post because I am in awe of her persistence. I am not sure I could be as patient. Is she enthusiastic about doing the stretching each day? I would say about as enthusiastic as she would be with a plate of brussel sprouts for breakfast but she has kept it up and it has made all the difference to her recovery.


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