Artistic Toilets and Fanatical Rulers

While we were in NZ Pete’s sister Marilyn generously offered to have Molly and Lulu while we went off for a day trip. She plotted a route for us before we left that would take us through some interesting places.

I took the directions from her and noted that one of the stops was the KawaKawa toilet.

Marilyn is well known among the family for her ‘enthusiastic’ organisational abilities but now she was suggesting where we go to the toilet. This was taking the job of tour guide to a whole new level.

“Um, why do we particularly need to go to the toilet at KawaKawa.”  I asked.

“Oh, you’ll be ready to go by then” she said, as if it was normal for her to point our when and where people should perform ablutions.

Stand aside Ayatollah there’s a new breed of fanatic in town.

We set off on our journey and did as we were told, stopping in KawaKawa to dutifully go to the toilet. The building was designed by Frederick Hundertwasser an Austrian born artist who believed a toilet was a place to mediate and that straight lines were evil. They were indeed worth a visit. So no fanatics in the family after all, but we do have one very good tour guide.


The entrance to the toilets


Another view of the entrance

Kawakawa toilets

Coming out of the toilet I spied something interesting over the fence on the opposite side of the road. Going across to investigate further I found that it was some sort of outdoor art gallery.  A woman passing assured me it was well worth having a look.

It turned out to be what I could only describe as a sculpture trail. The trail was sectioned of into different types of artworks: stone, mosaic, shade cloth hangings, concrete and more.  There looked to be further works in progress further up the path.

We couldn’t decide if the artist was brilliant or just plain crazy.  A bit of both I think, but the woman outside was right, it was well worth taking the time to wander through.




More mosaics


A concrete jungle!


Sculpture made out of shade cloth


More shade cloth




The rest of our day was relaxed and enjoyable, photos of which I will share in a later post. We were both extremely pleased at our good fortune of being able to stay with a fabulous host who also happened to be a top notch tour guide.


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