Angel Of Mine

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A routine check-up this week with the surgeon who mended Lulu’s arm ended up being less routine and more nightmare.

Angel of mine

Angel of mine

Lulu had been really excited before the appointment. She was looking forward to showing the doctors who worked on her arm how much progress she had made as a result of the physio and exercises she had been doing.

Sadly the CT scan gave us two causes for concern. One side of the elbow had not completely healed and the reason for that is currently unknown.  We should know more in the next few weeks. On the other side of the elbow the growth plate has fused which means her arm will not grow normally, how abnormal is also unknown.

Lulu is back in a splint to hold the elbow still which totally negates all the physio and work she has done.

We were all devastated. It was a few days before Lulu started to accept and understand what was happening. It takes a lot of patience and explaining to help a child Lulu’s age to understand what is happening to her body, why it’s happening, and what it may mean for her in the future.

It also takes a lot of patience, not my strongest attribute, not even in my top ten attributes, to help Lulu to accept what is happening.  The frustration of not being able to participate in her normal activities is manifesting itself in her behaviour at times which is a challenge.

Lulu is one of the strongest willed children I know and I have no doubt that this will be a minor kink on the obstacle laden course that is the road to her future.



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