And We’re Off!

And We’re Off!

Yes we’re off; well not exactly ‘we’ as you probably have a few rational bones in your body. To be more precise “I’m off” but that just didn’t have the same ring to it.


Subliminal message or coincidence that the box should bear the name of my favourite chocolate?

This box contains just some of the ingredients I need to start my grain free and sugar free journey. I have heard hell described as ‘a place of weeping and torment’ and I have a horrible feeling that that may be where I am heading.

The grain free I know I can do. There are so many alternatives to grains available now. I love buckwheat soba noodles. I am happy to have bread made with quinoa and buckwheat flours and I already much prefer quinoa to rice. Making grain free bread is quick and easy because there is no need to knead; there is no gluten to work into a stretchy frenzy. I made grain-free white bread rolls last night to use for hamburgers. They were very palatable with a lovely crunchy crust.

It’s the sugar free which is a bit daunting, oh who am I kidding, a lot daunting. I love sugar. Sugar is my drug of choice and that right there is the rub, sugar is addictive and I am under no illusions about how difficult it will be to kick the habit. We have always enjoyed sticky, gooey treats after a special dinner or for morning tea during the weekend and there has always been chocolate in the house. There was no guilt, being as active as I am, as long as I ate in moderation I didn’t put on weight.

I am four days in to cutting out as much sugar as I can and already I am struggling physically and mentally. I feel decidedly flat and yesterday I was plagued with the shakes just as you would feel if you’d overdosed on caffeine. I have had a small amount of sugar but nothing compared to our normal weekend intake. Saturday night we were out for dinner at a friend’s place and she made this delicious dessert.

Grain Free Sugar Free blog

When people make something special for you it seems rude to say no but to eat it is to fall off the bandwagon so to speak. That is something I have yet to work out how to deal with. I think as time goes on and my body is less able to cope with eating sugar it will be in my best interests to say something but until then I will take each day as it comes. We are not drowning in friends inviting us to dinner right now so it may not become much of a problem.

The reading I have done suggests that I am not going about quitting in quite right way but I figured that there wasn’t much sugar left to cut out so a complete withdrawal was the way to go and I would deal with the odd hitch as I went. Besides, this is my journey so it is up to me to structure it so that I may succeed.  I have tried this before, the difference this time is a real motivation to improve my health which seems to have been floundering of late.

I am on the lookout for a recipe for a treat which will satisfy my need for something nice to eat with my coffee on the weekend. Today I tried making a brownie but with not much success. Well that’s probably not entirely true, at the moment it tastes bland. My taste buds are still craving that over-sweet taste. Once I’ve gone through withdrawal and come out the other side the taste may improve but for now it is relegated to the bin and my hunt for sticky and gooey will continue.

On my hunt I found some great recipes for some very tasty looking treats.


That’s next Saturday night’s dessert sorted. You can find the recipe here on the fabulous Rawmazing website.

If you’re interested in following my journey I have added a page to my blog called Grain Free, Sugar Free. That’s where I will be storing any posts I write on the subject.


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