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I’m over a week into quitting sugar and grains. I wouldn’t say it has been a breeze but on the other hand I can’t say it has been particularly difficult either and apparently one of the side effects of the withdrawals is that you can’t be decisive. Honestly, so far so good but I don’t believe I am out of the woods yet.

I am still having cravings which aren’t really for something sweet but a sort of physical nagging that suggests I need to eat something but nothing really appeals. I can usually bypass these by having a drink of water or a few nuts. The withdrawal symptoms have stopped for now which is great as everything I have read suggests I should still be experiencing them. Perhaps my symptoms are a little less pronounced than some as I didn’t have a huge amount of sugar in my diet to begin with. No regular sugary drinks, dried fruit, muffins for morning tea, or muesli bar snacks because I was always so conscious of the huge amounts sugar they contain.

The search for something nice to eat for morning teas on the weekends continues. Last week’s brownie hit the bin like a brick and this week ‘snickers bar’ will definitely be following it. The one good thing to come out of this time-and-money-sucking-effort to find a tasty treat is the nut butter I made for the snickers bar. It is delicious and will go well with the pumpkin bread I intend to make today for this week’s lunch boxes.

I have been eating extremely well with just a little more effort. My favourite so far has to be this pumpkin and broccoli dish from Sara Wilson’s book ‘I Quit Sugar’.


It was very tasty and I have to say using coconut oil to cook in is a real treat; it’s glossy and thick and imparts a sweet coconutty flavour. If you need something a little more neutral I would go with olive oil or macadamia nut oil.

Last night for dessert I decided against the decadent looking layered desserts I mentioned in last week’s post and made this coconut and lime cheesecake. It was a wonder it made it to the plate at all as Molly and I were busy doing a lot of ‘taste testing’ before it hit the oven. Hallelujah! Finally a sweet treat worthy of making it into my Saturday night repertoire.

Double hallelujah for this bit of news. Dry wines are O.K. when quitting sugar. I am pretty sure I wouldn’t make it without the ability to have a glass of wine when I need want it. When things were a little tough I told myself “cheer up girl remember you still get to have that glass of wine at the end of the week”.

I love this little bit of wit I saw on Facebook earlier this week.


Especially if you have enough of them.

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