An Impostor In Our House

We have impostor in our house. This interloper has been around a while but lately seems to be taking over.

Her name is ‘I Don’t Know’. ‘I Don’t Know’ is a comprehensive contributor to our household. Some of her handiwork includes: leaving towels on the floor, leaving the empty toilet roll on the floor, putting plates in the sink and NOT the dishwasher, and NOT wiping up spills. This is only a small list of things ‘I Don’t Know’ is capable of.  She is truly remarkable.

We gave the girls the sad news that ‘I Don’t Know’ was no longer welcome in our house and that we were kicking her out. We did not want to see her darken our doorstep again. Unfortunately no sooner had she left than she was back again and she brought her sister ‘It Wasn’t Me’.

Girls in hats blog

”I Don’t Know’ and ‘It Wasn’t Me’ lose in the millinery department.


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