Aikido kids

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Stand back Karate kid, here come Aikido kids.  How lucky are we, no need for burglar alarms in our house when we have our own Chuck Norris wannabes.

So look out, you mess with us and one of these two will have you running in the opposite direction with one of their special moves. Perhaps a ’roundy, roundy up and downy’ or a ‘hot chips’ or even a ‘stink bug’.  So to all you potential burglars out there I say  ‘na na na na na’!

Seriously though, Molly and Lulu have been doing Aikido for several years now.  It is a Japanese martial art that relies on a calm mind and relaxed body rather than strength and size.  We have noticed a marked improvement in Molly’s organisation and focus.  Perish the thought should either of them find themselves in a difficult situation the training they are doing may help.

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