About Jane

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Hey there, I'm Jane

I am the owner of Live Cook Eat. That's me with my two daughters in my sister's cafe in NZ. 

Who I am:

  • Mum 
  • partner
  • health coach 
  • life coach 
  • blogger 
  • writer 
  • healthy woman over 50 
  • accountant for my partner
  • business owner, and many more things.

I love my life

I help women who are struggling with who they are after menopause and want the solution of how to look good in jeans again. They resist the urge to look in the mirror because they no longer like how they look. They want to be noticed and have confidence. They crave more fun & joy in their lives again. The want to be SASSY!

With the relentless demands of work and life responsibilities, the methods we women are using to improve our health or lives often don't work because they take up too much of our precious time, or require that we deprive ourselves of what we love. We need easy, quick proven strategies that fits into our lives with out having to give anything up. We need healthy without the hard!

We often get stuck when we try to create positive change whether it is to lose that belly, gain energy, be better organized or even be a better person that we can be proud of. Often we are in a rut and can't see our way out of it or some health professional told us that we need to take pills to prevent serious problems. I want to help as many women as I can to climb out of that rut by learning simple strategies that can reverse damage, and supercharge your health and your life. I built this site around my vision and have just finished my training to become a health and life coach.

My Life In A Nutshell

I live in Brisbane with my kind, hair-challenged partner Peter, our two daughters Molly and Lulu, our gay dog Diesel and Bluey the Siamese Fighting fish. Bluey had an unfortunate accident... or we may have forgotten to feed him.

I was born in Auckland, New Zealand. Dad worked in the Armed Forces so during my childhood we shifted from one town to another between here and England.

I left home and started work under the illusion that I was going to become part of my own real-life fairy tale. That illusion was soon shattered and so began my life in the real world.

After one failed marriage and many jobs, I met Peter and moved to Australia.

I realise now that I didn't know what real work was until our daughters were born and started walking and talking (two highly over-celebrated achievements). The work continues and gets more difficult as they get older.

Next Comes The Good Stuff

I am working on programs to help women like you and me lose that belly fat, have all day energy and finally feel confident and ready to take on and love life with everything we have.

8 Random Facts

These are little known bits of random information about me that not many people know so shhhhh!

  •    1. Health and life coaching and writing are huge in my life. This site is an outlet for these.
  •   2. I spend far too much time reading other blogs - it's research!
  •   3. I suffer from "squirrel-syndrome". My attention is easily diverted by shiny things like online courses, packages etc and I love other shiny things too. Diamond rings, glasses full of red wine...
  •   4. I love to cook, except on weekdays.
  •   5. Cauliflower is my favourite veggie.
  •   6. I could never become an alcoholic, I love wine way too much to give it up.
  •   7. After watching Molly and Lulu learn the art for years I gained enough courage to take it up myself and now here I am a brown belt. I am sure it is not a pretty sight watching me cavort around the mat but I seriously don't care because I love it so much.
  •   8. I am a stay-at-home mum which is code for 'underappreciated and dedicated taxi driver to my children'.

Thank you for spending time getting to know me. I like you already.

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