A Lesson in Relationships

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My sister and the lady she is married too are coming to Brisbane to look after Molly and Lulu while Peter and I go away.

Molly understands that my sister is a lesbian and is comfortable enough that she no longer needs to ask questions. Although Lulu has been told that my sister is married to another woman I think it has only just dawned on her that this is something she doesn’t truly understand.

“But why would they want to get married?” was her first question

“Because they love each other.” was my reply

“Well which one is the man?” she shot back.

“Um, there is no man, they are both women.”

She stood still for a minute and I watched the wheels of her brain spinning and prepared myself for the bomb.

“Great. Then I am going to marry my best friend, because I love her and I want her to be part of the family.”

“That’s wonderful. “ I said

Innocence like that squeezes your heart till it misses a beat at the same time as it’s tickling your funny bone.

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