A Demented, Organised-House Tragic

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I’m a demented, organised-house, tragic. I get excited by having an organised, functional and minimal space. How it is then that the house always looks like we’ve just evicted the entire cast of ‘Cats and Dogs’ a couple of star hoarders from the tv show and a dozen tween age kids.

I fantasise that if I just keep at it, one day it will be over and each and everything will have a place it can call home and the demons will leave me. My house will be shiny and sparkling with beautiful things to sooth the soul arranged in just the right way. Of course the second coming of Jesus Christ himself is likely to happen before my house is totally in order.

I was literally foaming at the mouth with new clean bathroom cupboards and drawers to whip into shape. With bright eyes and armed with measurements I visited my all-time favourite store Howards Storage World.  I headed home towards euphoria equipped with my purchases and with a spring in my step. Oh all right I’ll reign it in but grudgingly.

Here is the end result and below that are the links to what I used.

Inside a drawer

Inside a drawer


Marie Storage Basket with Handle

Glam 5 Compartment Organiser

Linus Twin Drawer Organiser Rectangle – Shallow

Mini Drawer Unit A6 Single Drawer

I also bought two toilet roll holders.

Hush Roll Cannister White

May we never have to do the 10 meter toilet-roll dash again!


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