A Bump In The Road

A Bump In The Road

When I first started on this NSNG journey I looked for ways of mimicking the foods that I usually ate. It has taken a while to realise I was on the road to nowhere remarkably healthier than where I had already been. Yes, I cut out grains, yes I cut out sugar but replacing them with alternative high carbohydrate, albeit grain-free, options could be a whole other set of problems. In fact not only replacing them but because I considered I was eating a lot healthier, adding more carbohydrates into my diet.

My first deed will be to cut out the extras carbs. Before going NSNG I kept high carbohydrate foods to before lunch.  I will go back to that with minimal carbs if any for dinner. I sometimes, for a treat make an exception on the weekend.

I will, when I am ready, take a critical look at the carbs in my diet and cut out those that are particularly high or do not have any real benefit.

While I gather new knowledge and recipes and reset my patterns I will continue on this path while slowly merging into the traffic heading in the right direction. I imagine there will be some habits I will cling to and I expect I will always be in the slow lane never revving it up to full speed and completely eliminating things such as grain free bread etc. however I am happy with where I am at now, any further in the right direction is a bonus.


These are some of the grain free, sugar free alternatives I have been living with, because of their high carbohydrate content when I find alternative low-carb options they will be replaced.

I will lament the loss of the bread roll the most, it is a bit like French bread but is made with tapioca and quinoa flour. If you are interested the recipe is here. Bread was always my biggest weakness. I used to eat bread for morning tea, then again for lunch under the pretence that I didn’t have time to make something healthier.

The blueberry muffins I seldom have but I make them for Pete and the girls to put in their lunches.

The crackers are amazing, made predominately with sunflower seeds and tastier than any crackers I’ve had with grains in them. I only have them occasionally so they stay but maybe with a few tweaks. The recipe is here.

One vice I will be cutting out is potato chips. I have been giving myself license to indulge far too much and although they are grain free and low sugar they are definitely not a healthy option to snack on. I am going to give kale chips a go and keep an eye out for other veggie based snacks as a replacement.

If you have any ideas for me I would love to hear them.


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