A Break From Children And Domesticity

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I jumped on my blog today and nearly passed out when I realised I hadn’t changed my banner for July and we were over half way through the month already. First, I think perhaps I may have passed through some sort of time continuum thingy because I have no idea what happened to the last three weeks, second, it is my greatest frustration that I am unable to find the time to write posts regularly.

So I have changed my banner and here is a post I wrote a few weeks ago.

Air NZ 744 ZK-SUH-thumb-560x392-133556

I write this on a flight to New Zealand. Have I mentioned that I hate flying?  It’s a small price to pay however, to get to catch up with some dear friends and family. I have to admit though,when people ask where I’m off to I am a little reluctant to reveal that I am going alone. When I do, the reaction I get is usually one of disbelief with the inevitable question. “How did you manage that?”

Doesn’t every partner organise that you have a week away from children and domesticity to enjoy a connection back with your female self. If they don’t they jolly well should. O.K so now I might be being a little facetious. I am well aware that I am lucky to have the freedom I do. I am also acutely aware that in the haze of all that domesticity and everyday monotony the good stuff such as appreciation can get  lost.

Now if the patronising woman across the aisle could rest her vocal chords for while I might relax for a bit. Her response to the flight attendant suggesting that she may find it easier if she put her computer on table in front of her was “Why would I, that’s why they call it a laptop.” I think perhaps she may have the proverbial stick stuck where the sun don’t shine.

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