A Blogger’s Misery

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Just like that another week has gone by without me writing a blog. My two readers will be totally devastated.

Last week I sat down to ‘do some research’. For those journal-bloggers out there you will totally understand. You start by cruising around some of your favourite blogs and three hours later you’re still looking and not a word of your own written.  I like to check out the amazing ideas and start experimenting with how they could work on your own blog only then it’s another 3 hours playing around to get it right.

So there I was snooping around and I thought, ‘Gee I need to start a blog roll so I can alert my two readers to these other wonderful blogs.’  That’s when the proverbial hit the fan. I discovered the links on my blog weren’t working. So if anyone tried to find something in archives or clicked on one of the recent posts nothing happened.

Three o’clock, time to pick the girls up from school and I still hadn’t fixed the problem.  I also hadn’t eaten; done any of the chores and had worked myself into real flap. If anybody had knocked on my door at that moment they may well have been treated to scene from ‘Misery’, you know the whole thing with Cathy Bates, a sledge hammer and some bloke’s legs.

I had been telling myself all day to just leave it and come back to it later.  Not me, I never have been a good listener.  As it turns out the next morning I had the problem fixed in under half an hour. I need to get better at listening.

Since then I have been fighting off the mother of all colds and have felt so low that writing has taken a back seat to surviving this thing.  I am finally today starting to feel human again.  So to the two readers I have.

“There is more coming and thank you for hanging in there.”

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