Ketosis, Carbohydrates and Fat Loss Debunked

Ketosis, carbohydrates

If you are a regular reader you will know that Peter and I live in ketosis. Simplistically put our bodies burn fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates. This post is in answer to a reader’s question about how our bodies deal with carbohydrates when we live in ketosis. Fuel consumption by … Read More

Easiest Raspberry Chia Jam Recipe Ever

This is the easiest raspberry chia jam. It is so quick you will be enjoying it by the time the toast is done. Remember the days when fruit would be boiled with the sugar until you had setting consistency. Some fruits just took forever and you had much better things … Read More

7 Ways To Spoil Yourself On A Budget These Holidays

7 ways to spoil yourself on a budget these holidays

We all need a bit of spoiling from time to time and at this time of year even more so. It is important for your health that you keep your stress levels down. So here is how to do it on a budget. Cortisol is the hormone that is released … Read More

How To Avoid Putting On Weight Over The Holiday Season

  You’re getting nervous. The holiday season is fast approaching and you still have that spare tyre from last year. Putting on weight for you at this time is an inevitability. Buying new clothes every year is putting a serious dent in your budget and your partner just remarked that he totally … Read More

A Simple And Delicious Kimchi Recipe

Kimchi recipe

Kimchi is a traditional Korean side dish. Many variations of flavour and vegetables can be used but probably the ingredients you will find more often are chilli, garlic, ginger and of course cabbage. I have kept this recipe very simple but am already pondering on different variations for my next batch. This stuff is … Read More

9 Tips To Help You Eliminate Grains From Your Diet

Eliminate grains

  So you have decided you want to eliminate grains from your diet. First up, well done. Most of those who consider it never actually make the decision to do it. One word of caution, it’s not a good idea to embark on this adjustment when you’re about to change … Read More

5 Tips To Help You Build Your Self-Confidence

5 Tips To Help You Build Your Self-Confidence

Lacking self-confidence for some can cause stress and anxiety which, if left unchecked, can become quite destructive to your health. Does your self-confidence completely desert you in social situations to the point that you want to lock yourself away from the world, never going out, never trying new things? Are … Read More

5 Tips To Help You Drink Less Alcohol

What Are the Best Low Carb Alcoholic Drinks For You?

 First some facts Moderate alcohol consumption can: Lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, possibly by thinning the blood. Decrease your chances of getting a cold, maybe something to do with the antioxidant properties of wine. Could help guard against dememtia, it does this by stressing your cells hence strengthening them … Read More

Easy Sauerkraut Recipe Made In A Hot Climate

This easy to make sauerkraut is a great way to add probiotics into your diet. At the risk of sounding like a cracked record, our gut has 3 times as many neurons as our brain and the two are connected.  So it stands to reason that we should look after … Read More

9 Tips To Help You Stay Asleep

9 Tips To Help You Stay Asleep

So you have successfully fallen asleep, then something dreadful happens. Just as Ryan Gosling is looking into your eyes with wanton abandon you wake up. Here are my tips for staying asleep and finding out what Mr Gosling had in store for you: Tossing and Turning? If you are having … Read More

7 Tips To Help You Get To Sleep Easier

Do you have difficulty getting to sleep at night and wish it was easier? Do you find yourself getting ever stressed about the hours ticking away while you toss and turn? Try these seven tips to help you get to sleep easier: Avoid caffeine too late in the day I try … Read More

How To Stay On The Healthy Food Wagon When You Travel

How to stay on the healthy food wagon when you travel

Is your diet difficult to stick to when you travel? Those of you who read my blog will know that I don’t eat any grains or sugar. I am a ‘food nerd’ so travelling anywhere means I need to be super organised. Here are my tips: International travel After arriving anywhere … Read More

Zoodles With Avocado Sauce

I make this zoodles dish once a week, but if it were up to the girls I would be doing it more often. They love it. It is very forgiving and you can just keep adding to it, chilli, asparagus, broccoli, various herbs, feta. The sky is the limit. Zucchinis are … Read More

Matcha Made In Heaven – Possibly The Most Versatile Super Food

I am sorry but I couldn’t help myself with the play on words, but really it is ‘matcha to do about nothing’… Matcha A fine ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea. The tea bushes grow in the shade and only the finest tips are harvested. After drying the veins … Read More

A List Of The Best Foods For A Healthy Gut

Do you have a healthy gut? If you are bloated or constipated maybe you don’t. Not that I truly want to know about the inner workings of your digestive system but if you are either of these there is good news. Your diet can help with obtaining and maintaining a healthy gut. … Read More

5 Simple Ways To Make Life Easier For Yourself

If there is one thing I get asked a lot (besides whether or not I know about the ten chia seeds stuck between my teeth) is how I carve out some extra time in the day to make life easier. Here are 5 simple tips to follow so that you can … Read More

8 Of The Best Anti-inflammatory Foods

Constant inflamation in the body is one of the leading causes of many illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and in some cased Alzeihmer’s. This list of anti-inflammatory foods are great way to decrease inflammation and so improve your health. Vegetables For balance every meal should look like you are about … Read More

Delicious and Ridiculously Easy To Make Seed Crackers

I made these seed crackers to have on a cheese board for our dinner guests the other night but forgot to put them out. Their loss, my gain. These are super delicious with anything on them. Last night I was after something to fill a small hole so I added … Read More

How Changing My Diet Has Improved My Life

My sister-in-law Jane have recently switched to a diet that is devoid of sugar and grains. My partner, Leslie, and I visit Jane and her family annually. It is a commitment that we feel very strongly about. We look forward to re-establishing our family connections and catching up. So it … Read More

Extra Luxuries To Pack For That Special Holiday

Extra Luxuries To Pack For That Special Holiday

This post isn’t about reminding you to stop the mail and the paper when you go on holiday. I assume you know to do that already. No this is about making sure you pack those extra little things that you always remember when it is too late. Each time you go … Read More

How To Step Off The Hamster Wheel Of Perfectionism

How to step of the hampster wheel of perfectionism

Perfectionism is certainly not something that I have ever tried to strive for. I have always been so far away from faultless as to be in another universe completely. How can something ever be faultless? For me it is subjective. What I think is perfect is completely different from your idea … Read More

5 Reasons Why Your Sister Is Important To You

5 Reasons Why Your Sister Is Important To You

What does your sister mean to you? Growing up my sister was like an alien being. Complete foreign to me. She wasn’t just from another planet but a whole other solar system with a language of its own that was untranslatable by me and apparently, my parents. You won’t be … Read More

What Are the Best Low Carb Alcoholic Drinks For You?

What Are the Best Low Carb Alcoholic Drinks For You?

If you are eating low carb there is no need to complete go without alcoholic drinks on those special occasions. Listed here are some very acceptable low carb alternatives. Red Wine I can’t go past a red wine. No seriously, I CANNOT GO PAST a red wine. It is like … Read More

How To Win The Battle With Your Middle-Aged-Spread

How To Win The Battle With Your Middle-Aged-Spread

Middle-aged-spread – what causes it? During menopause, the drop in estrogen levels means decreased insulin sensitivity which results in almost all the carbs we eat turning to fat and attaching itself to the exact places where you don’t want it. You will have heard it referred to as middle-aged- spread. I prefer … Read More

Super Easy Mayonnaise Made In A Jar With A Stab Blender

I first made my own mayonnaise when we started on a low carb diet and I haven’t looked back. If you have a stab blender, also known as: a stick blender, hand blender and immersion blender, you are absolutely 99% there. The jars I like to use are empty Vegemite jars. They have a … Read More

One Top Tip To Make Housework Easier and Quicker

Housework contributes to your health and wellbeing. Here’s how: If your house is clean that aids you keeping healthy, and finding the quickest easiest way to do your housework, well that definitely aids your wellbeing. I have one all-important tip when it comes to household chores. Break. It. Down. No, … Read More

Meditate Anyime, Anywhere And Start Re-building Your Brain Now

Meditate Anyime, Anywhere And Start Re-building Your Brain Now

Some would think why on earth would I need to meditate. I am a stay at home mum who blogs and cleans. What on earth would I have to get stressed about? Um, let me see: Christmas shopping, two teenage birthday parties right after Christmas, two private school educations, a thirteen-year-old … Read More

How To Increase Your Fitness With Minimum Fuss

  Fitness shouldn’t be a chore. It should fit into your day and be easy to achieve. Picture this: The alarm fractures your blissful slumber with its version of digital diarrhoea. After you’ve peeled yourself off the ceiling you settle in for another wee snooze. Repeat. Twice. Get up. Sound … Read More