No Sugar No Grains, A Lifestyle Not A Sentence

I am six months into eating No Sugar No Grains (NSNG) and I am glad to report that it gets easier and more enjoyable with each new day and recipe. As time goes on I add to my repertoire and build on the variety. The Dark Side One of the most … Read More

Art For Art’s Sake

I bought this beautiful painting recently at a market for a ridiculous price. It was the colours that attracted me. Of course now I’ll have to completely redecorate the bedroom to accommodate it. Pete’s really pleased about that because we’ve just finished doing it in the colours we have now … Read More

Insomnia For Her, Sleep Deprivation For Me

It’s 11.00pm; I’ve been asleep maybe an hour when the cold fingers of consciousness curl themselves around my sleep deprived brain, infusing it with a sense, the smallest hint that I need to wake. As I rouse I dimly hear Molly calling “Mum” from the next room. My stomach contracts, … Read More

Scoffing Cheesecake In Paradise

Hell was full so I’ve returned. In truth I haven’t been quite as far as hell but through my half open eyes it sure looked like the highway that leads there. Life for our family has been more than a little manic and difficult since the beginning of September. Thank … Read More