Playing with Barbies

I snapped this photo of Lulu without her knowledge (hence the poor quality). When she realised I had taken it she was horrified. “I hope you’re not going to put that on your blog” she said with one eye still on the Barbies. “Why would that worry you?” “Because then I’ll … Read More

Pies and Carpet Cleaning

On the first day of every second school holidays the girls and I treat ourselves to a pie for lunch. Pies are like the forbidden fruit in our house; the girls and I love them but their negative nutritional value precludes them from our everyday diet. The pies act like a … Read More

As Enjoyable As A Plate Of Brussel Sprouts

  Every day for the last year Lulu has spent twenty minutes during the day stretching her right arm towards her shoulder. Admittedly we sometimes have to hold a gun to her head bribe her with food or time on electronics but generally she will get on with it. Being … Read More

A Cheerful Nook

Last week was long, hot and wet. What better way to brighten up a dull nook than with a splash of yellow and orange. We could all do with a bit of yellow in our lives.