Tent Mania

Sunday Peter was trialing a tent that he was contemplating buying off a friend.  Everyone knows my feelings on camping but I was feeling a bit flat this morning so who am I to stand in the way of a reason to sit back with a coffee and be thoroughly entertained.

Kitchen Saftey

When I finally made it out to the kitchen this morning I found Lulu trying to cut up a carrot for her lunch.  She, with the one arm in plaster had her hand wrapped around a carrot and was attacking it with a serrated bread knife.

Stay-At-Home Mum

Stay-at-home-mum, family manager, family director, domestic goddess, these are all labels given to mothers who choose to stay at home to care for their children rather than work. For me the label doesn’t matter and I don’t spend time worrying about what others think or say regarding the choices Pete and I … Read More

Life Is Just A String Of Moments

Yesterday I was sitting on the couch at home while mum was teaching me how to knit. I took my eyes off mum for a minute to concentrate on what I was doing and when I looked back she was gone and thirty eight years had hurtled by.

Cousins Unite

This is a photo I took while we were in New Zealand over Christmas. Nicola is Molly and Lulu’s cousin. It was so nice for them to have time to get to know each other a little.

A Criminal To Go With That Impostor

There’s a criminal in our house. Yes, sitting at the table right next to the impostor. All day yesterday I had one of those bad feelings. You may know the sort. They hang over you like a cloud and you can’t shake it off or pin point what is bothering … Read More

An Impostor In Our House

We have impostor in our house. This interloper has been around a while but lately seems to be taking over.

Rice Paper Rolls, A Win Win Meal

This is one of our regular Friday night easy teas, rice paper rolls. The girls love them and I love that they love them, primarily because they are quick and easy and the sooner I get them made and on the table the sooner I can put my feet up … Read More