Family Holiday

It is the end of a long year we are all tired and there has been a lot of snapping and sniping. We are here in Sydney for a holiday enjoying discovering this city as a family. One of the highlights so far has been the Chinese Garden of Friendship. … Read More

A Toe On The Edge Of The Cemetery

I feel a little like I have a toe on the edge of the cemetery already, I’m not near my plot yet, far from it, in fact it’s at least a day’s hike over on the other side of the hill but I do have more of a sense of … Read More

Brush With Fame

Friday was a peculiar day in our household starting with getting out of bed at a brutally inhuman time and culminating in a brush with fame that left Molly and Lulu gushing. Before I can expound further let me do something I do well and digress. A few weeks back … Read More

Images of Melbourne

Last month I went to Melbourne for a long weekend with some very old friends. We hadn’t all been together in thirty years but everyone picked up where they left off. Two fabulous things I took away from the weekend were: laughter, and that wonderful feeling of being totally comfortable … Read More

New Look

I finally finished revamping my site.There may be a few tweaks over the next few weeks as I discover how to do things I want to do but until now have been unable to. In general though, I am happy with it. It has been a long few weeks. Along … Read More


I was just drifting off to sleep after an enjoyable training session at Aikido when it struck me that I would like to write a post about passion and what I think it means to have it in your life. So here goes.


Tomorrow, Molly is going to a welcome afternoon at the HIGH SCHOOL she will be attending in the New Year. HIGH SCHOOL people!  I think that demands caps. Damn it!  HIGH SCHOOL!

Totally Awesome Pool Party

These two are looking pleased with themselves.   So they should, they are off to a pool party and they aren’t worrying at all about cellulite, wobbly bits and displacing too much of that water when they get in. Nope, their heads are filled more with: what sort of food … Read More

Reaching Sixty

Last weekend we celebrated my brother-in-law Rob’s 60th birthday.

Self-Pity, Drug Of Choice

I am a drug addict and my choice of drugs is self-pity. This past week I have found it difficult to find anything much to be grateful for.


OMG DD ILYMED. For those of you that don’t know that means “Oh my god, dear daughter, I love you more each day.” LOL


After our practice camp earlier on this year here we have just returned from ‘camping proper’ for seven nights. That’s seven nights with five adults and eleven children. Yes, you read it right ELEVEN children.

Up The Proverbial Creek Without A Car

So there we were on Sunday, gazing down the barrel of another busy week getting kids to all their activities but with no car to do it in. Well that’s not quite correct, Peter has a car but he also has a job which requires him to have a car.


MY SITE WAS HACKED. I was so shocked to log onto my site today and find an awful image with the words “We are watching you.”

Fiesta Forever

Two weeks ago we went to Molly’s and Lulu’s school fête and since then I haven’t posted a blog with any substance. Not due to any life changing, momentous event but for downright boring reasons which I will expand on in a later post.

My Trusty Companion

The most favourite thing in the world for Diesel to do is to ride in the car when I go to pick up the girls from school.


This morning I took Molly’s iPhone from her room where it had been all night and checked her text messages. I was checking for two things, had she been on the phone when she should have been sleeping and the content of her texts.She was angry and told me I … Read More

Is It A Full Moon?

This week has not been going so well. I thought perhaps I could blame it on a full moon but noticed while I was putting the recycling out for the 23rd time the other night that it was only three quarters. Bugger!

Bad Start To The Day

I don’t spend too much time thinking about what I wouldn’t want to happen today but I think this could be something that would be on my list.

A Day In The Life Of Lulu

Life on the weekend for Lulu is a nice balance of relaxation and physical activity. She could teach us all a lesson on filling time.

Girls Weekend

Last weekend Pete was away in New Zealand so it was just the girls and me, on the town looking for a good time. Of course with a nine and a twelve year old a good time is a mite tamer now than approximately thirteen years ago.

Convenience Or Value

A few weeks ago our coffee machine packed a sad and stopped working. In actuality it was a little more dramatic than that. For the sake of sanity we bought a pod machine to tide us over until the coffee machine was fixed.

Paranormal Night

Paranormal Night– A Horror Story Attempted By Molly Van Esseveld

The English Connection

Sunday was a day of celebration. Pete’s sister Betty has her daughter and family staying with them all the way from England. It is an opportunity for Betty and her husband Rob to spend time not only with their daughter but their only granddaughter as well.

Forming Bonds

As we don’t live in the same country as the majority of our family we try to make the effort to either have them come over here to us or for us to go to them.

Cocktails At Sunset

The drinks in this photo are a representation of our snorkelling trip. I will explain.

Midwinter Christmas

Midwinter Christmas, a good excuse to indulge in good food and wine and to catch up with family. I wasn’t about to make it easy though, I wanted a turkey and at this time of year that was going to be a challenge.

Disaster Has Struck

Disaster has struck.  The sky is about to fall in and Rudd is back in government.