Mangawhai Sling

When we travel, our visits to the Duty Free liquor store always involve a great deal of deliberation. Not over whether to buy or not. As sure as the Pope is a catholic we buy something. No the deliberation is over what to buy.

Christmas Tradition Bah Humbug

One of the traditions we uphold at this time of year is to go and view the Christmas lights. I am never overly keen.  I find driving from one place to another jumping in and out of the car to view a jumble of lights before heading off to view … Read More

Have A Happy Silent Night

We’ve had Christmas.  Yes, tree, presents, turkey, corny jokes, bad music, the lot. This year because we will be in Auckland with family on Christmas day we had a quasi-Christmas here, in Brisbane before leaving. Well I guess the only thing ‘quasi’ was that it wasn’t on the 25th December.  Everything else … Read More

I’m The Queen Of Cool

We have just been through a bit of a heatwave here in Brisbane. You know those people who seem to manage to stay cool, and together no matter what the temperature is, the sort that don’t appear to have sweat glands and are always dressed immaculately. Well that’s not me.

Cauliflower – Just Cabbage With A College Education

Cauliflower - Just Cabbage With A College Education

Mark Twain said ‘ cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education’. Well call me a crock pot and roll me in gluten free flour but I love cauliflower. I use it instead of pasta. I will either make rice/couscous and construct a salad with it as a base … Read More

Three O’Clock Ramblings

It’s three in the morning and I am still awake. Usually a couple of Panadol washed down with a good slosh of whiskey and it’s ‘good night nurse’.  That hasn’t worked tonight though, and if I have any more whiskey I won’t be able to take the girls to school in the … Read More

Easy Ricotta Gnocchi Recipe

This is a dish I started making a while back.  It is quick and easy to prepare and is low in fat and carbohydrates.  Assuming of course you are not going to drown it in some creamy sauce. Here I am teaming it with some asparagus, chilli and salmon. The … Read More

Those Quiet Moments When I Can Breathe

  In the past, reading has not been something that Lulu would readily choose to do. She would have much rather been climbing something and shortening the life span of her mother.

Strap On Your Body Armour

A while ago I wrote about peri-menopause. I knew I was experiencing some of the symptoms but at the same time wondered why they were so bad given that the last blood test I had wasn’t showing enough of a change to warrant what I was going through. That blood test was … Read More

The Terrifying Two

These two don’t need to convince me they’re terrifying, I’m their mother I know this to be a fact.

Worst Day Ever

Before Lulu’s worst-day-ever she was an energetic, young, eight year old girl. She was full of life with absolutely no fear of anything. She did tumbling, trampoline, Aikido, swimming. She slid down slides, and climbed up slides.  It was the climbing up slides that led to her falling and breaking … Read More

Morning Dose of Gloop

This is how we start the morning in our house.  We call it gloop. You might know it as a smoothie.

Cobweb Hair

Someone needs to tell him about those cobwebs in his hair.

Looking Through A Kaleidoscope

Finally I get to sit and write. It has been a crazy time.  I’m using the word crazy here loosely though. The dictionary didn’t have quite the right descriptive word but I could liken it to what you would see looking through a kaleidoscope while high on some mind bending drug. Not … Read More

Super Chef In The Making

Molly has started experimenting in the kitchen. Shift aside Heston Bulmenthal, I’ll bet you can’t make muffins or pancakes as yummy as Molly’s.

Its Not The Size Of The Lens Its How You Use It

For my birthday this year I want a lens for my camera. The only lens I own at the moment is a 50mm which takes great photos but only if you want close ups.  I want something I can take photos of Lulu doing her gymnastics or Molly in the … Read More


Age, it’s that bastard that marches on at its own pace despite all the hard work you do trying to slow it down.

Pretty in Pink

I try to make sure the flowering plants I put into the garden produce white flowers so what went wrong?

A Blogger’s Misery

Just like that another week has gone by without me writing a blog. My two readers will be totally devastated.

Week From Hell

The week gone has finally chewed me up and spat me out like some slimy wad of tobacco that some wizened up old man just spat on the footpath. That will teach me to have unkind thoughts about that woman I saw in the mall, the one with enough facial … Read More

Making a Splash

This looks about as much fun as running through a bull’s paddock with a red frock on.  


Genna and Lulu have been firm friends since prep.  They have the sort of friendship that is so rarely found.