Beach Holiday

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Beach holidays for our family mean total relaxation. The rules are, 1. Remove shoes, 2. Fix cold drink, 3. Fetch sunglasses, 4. Sit down, 5. Relax.


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Molly watched a movie in which segregation was mentioned. Here Pete is explaining it’s meaning. There was no comment from Molly. She will go off, absorb what she has heard, … Read More


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Before I go on, that is not my photo of the fireworks. I wish it was. You need a tripod and remote shutter release to be able to take decent … Read More

Too cute!

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  Molly and Lulu took this shot. Diesel is happy to accommodate them as long as he’s getting some attention. Looking at this I think, it might be about time … Read More

Moon Walk

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At 6.00 o’clock yesterday morning I was just heading out the gate on my usual morning walk with Diesel. It was just getting light when I glanced up and was … Read More

Wednesday Woes

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This has very definitely been one of those weeks we would all rather forget. I got the call from school on Wednesday around lunchtime. You know the one where you … Read More

Painting Nightmares II

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No knife wielding Freddie Kruger here just a couple of manic suburban home decorators with a clogged up paint roller and sandpaper block. Oh but the damage we can do…