Angelic Devils

This is the photo I put on our Christmas cards this year.  

The Clock Is Ticking

In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger “I’m back.” I feel like I’ve been sucked into a black hole backward by my hair, experimented on by a bunch of sadistic Martians then made to watch reruns of ‘Dr Phil’. I reasonably thought that when the girls finished school for the year … Read More

2 days to make, 2 minutes to eat.

It was Peter’s birthday this week. I always try to make something for him to take to work for morning tea. Last year was a Black Forest gateau, not just any gateau, an elaborate concoction of chocolate and cherry mousse sandwiched between layers of rich chocolate sponge containing enough saturated … Read More

To Camp Or Not To Camp

Pete and the girls are away this weekend. They went camping for the night. It was a chance for Pete to have some time alone with the girls. Lucky for me really, I’ve never really been camping but I can imagine what it’s like. You spend what seems like forever … Read More

Just another Lulu post!

This is the Lulu-debris that I picked up from one tour of the house. It sometimes looks as if a giant toy box had its own little super nova scattering its innards in and around our home. Now I just gather it up, dump it on the offender’s bed and let them … Read More

Honesty versus cunning

A conversation Peter had with Lulu. Peter: “Thank you for helping me at the camping store Lulu.” Lulu: “Oh, that’s O.K. I only came so I could get out of emptying the dishwasher.” Hmm, that kid is as honest as the day is long, on the other hand she is … Read More

Holiday fun

One of the most enjoyable things I have done with Molly and Lulu lately is to paint our toenails in readiness for the beach babe look.  Well they looked like beach babes I was more along the lines of beached whale, but at least I was a beached whale with … Read More


The best hugs are the hugs for no reason.

Computers Rule

You know how the story goes, Dr Evil designs a computer that will eventually enslave and destroy mankind. I’m fairly certain that the laptop we recently purchased is being controlled by forces unseen, maybe even Dr Evil himself.


The best muffins have chunks of dark chocolate in them.

Beach Holiday

Beach holidays for our family mean total relaxation. The rules are, 1. Remove shoes, 2. Fix cold drink, 3. Fetch sunglasses, 4. Sit down, 5. Relax.


Molly watched a movie in which segregation was mentioned. Here Pete is explaining it’s meaning. There was no comment from Molly. She will go off, absorb what she has heard, and work out her own feelings on the subject.  If segregation is ever mentioned again she will then give an … Read More


Before I go on, that is not my photo of the fireworks. I wish it was. You need a tripod and remote shutter release to be able to take decent photos of fireworks and as yet these are two things don’t have. I may need to wait until my next … Read More

Hell In A Handbasket

That’s what this week turned into.  It started out O.K. I ordered my new camera on Monday and it arrived on Wednesday no problems there. When it arrived I was doing some ‘cleaning house’ on the computer as it had been running slow. I downloaded a cleaner program for $30 … Read More

Birthday Blues

I apologise in advance for the somewhat serious nature of this blog, but it has to be said.

Too cute!

  Molly and Lulu took this shot. Diesel is happy to accommodate them as long as he’s getting some attention. Looking at this I think, it might be about time I bought myself a new laundry basket, that one is starting to show every bit of its 25 years of … Read More

Moon Walk

At 6.00 o’clock yesterday morning I was just heading out the gate on my usual morning walk with Diesel. It was just getting light when I glanced up and was completely taken aback by the magnificent, enormous, full moon that was hanging in the sky just above the tree line.

Wednesday Woes

This has very definitely been one of those weeks we would all rather forget. I got the call from school on Wednesday around lunchtime. You know the one where you just know it’s not going to be good and you can forget getting the rest of that work done.

Painting Nightmares II

No knife wielding Freddie Kruger here just a couple of manic suburban home decorators with a clogged up paint roller and sandpaper block. Oh but the damage we can do…

Dance Fever

Lulu has been attending ‘Dance Fever’ classes as part of the school curriculum. This week I was invited to go and watch a demonstration. You can put away your stand up comedy routines this was way better than that. 

Garden Crimes

See the happy, garden full of life and growth we had in April. See how it is developing into a nice, shady, tropical oasis.

In the wars

As I write this I am sitting at my hairdresser’s with a bump on my forehead which could get me a job in the local circus as one of the curiosities. It blends in nicely with the colour currently being put on my hair. Cleaning the bath today I slipped … Read More

Nothing to Damper our Enthusiasm

I know, corny title, but I couldn’t help myself.  We recently celebrated the 30th Birthday of our niece by heading out to a picnic spot which has wood fuelled BBQs right alongside the Koalas and Kangaroos. Molly was in charge of the Damper and marshmallows. As with all things she … Read More

Pretty In Pink

  Every little girl’s dream, pink cupcakes with pink flowers and silver balls. As it turns out some big girls dream of them too. I made these for my niece’s 30th birthday. The cakes are vanilla with butter icing and sugar paste flowers.    

Sofa Olympics

Why is it when you shriek the name of one of your offspring, whom you have just caught doing a two and a half somersault with a full twist ending in a split pike on your couch, they give you a blank look and say “WHAT!”? As if you are … Read More

Tarte Tatin

Yes I can hear your thoughts: “Well I won’t be attempting that!”; “That’s not for us ordinary, home cooks”; “What the hell is that?” This is a surprisingly simple dessert and will get the guests around your table raising their eyebrows because they had no idea that you were such … Read More

Moments of Gorgeousness

“I think I’m going to eat Mum for dessert because she’s so sweet.” My first response was to pick my eyes up from where they had fallen out on the bench. Then I asked my little second-born Rambo, what had prompted that statement. “Because you are Mum!” This is the … Read More