"They may forget your name but they will never forget how you made them feel" - Maya Angenou

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Our nutritional journey in recipes and stories

Tulip Tuesday
A little something to brighten your Tuesday.   I took READ MORE
Nutritional Ketosis
In my last post Rejuvenation I mentioned that Pete and READ MORE
And so it begins, exactly where it ended, in paradise. READ MORE
Lulu’s Show
This kid is going to make us watch while she READ MORE
I Am Mind Itself
I wrote this a few weeks ago on the plane READ MORE
NSNG, A Lifestyle Not A Sentence
I am six months into eating NSNG and I am READ MORE
Art For Art’s Sake
I bought this beautiful painting recently at a market for READ MORE
Insomnia For Her, Sleep Deprivation For Me
It’s 11.00pm; I’ve been asleep maybe an hour READ MORE
Scoffing Cheesecake In Paradise
Hell was full so I've returned. In truth I haven’ READ MORE
The Desertion Of Ki and Memory
Let me tell you a story. It’s the story READ MORE
Major Catastrophe Or Lucky Break?
I’ve been feeling pretty pleased with our new eating READ MORE
Belt Tightening, Not Necessarily A Bad Thing
I’m wasting away. Well maybe that’s overstating it READ MORE